About Miss Zebulon

The Miss Zebulon Scholarship Association shares a commitment to guide, mentor, and prepare young women to not only succeed at the state and national level but, most importantly, to become community-minded citizens who strive to achieve their full potential.  The Miss Zebulon Scholarship Association Committee is:

Tracy Alford – Co-Executive Director/ Contestants

Franklin Finch – Co-Executive Director/ Financial Advisor

Erika Horne – Treasurer/ Public Relations/ Scholarship

Beverly Clark – Secretary/ Public Relations/ Scholarship

Patricia Roberson – Hospitality and Judge’s Co-Chair

Lisa Lisek – Hospitality and Judge’s Co-Chair

Amy Turner– Marketing/ Event Planner

Beverly Earp – Carolina Princess Manager/ Production Support

BrieAnna Alford – Miss Business Manager/ Production Support

Inga Beck – Production Director

Debby Driver– Production Director

Jennifer Lane – Outstanding Teen Manager

Kathy Nguyen – Contestant Manager